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  • GL7000 Main Unit (Includes 10 channel alarm module)
  • Display not included.  Requires Standard Module Options.
  • GL7000 Data Platform (Comes with the main unit and the 10channel alarm module only)

Data Platform Main Unit GL7000

RRP: $2,000.00 (You save $200.00)
GL7000 Main Unit

Product Description

 GL7000 Data Platform is a module-based acquisition platform with standalone mechanism that provides complex testing for voltage, temp, high speed voltage, high voltages, accelerometers, and strain gauges.  The standalone system gets the data up and running quickly and accurately.  Measurements for different applications can be added on with signal specific modules.  The 1MS/s maximum sampling capability also provides dynamic signal recording capacity for applications involving fast changing signals.  By providing a true standalone test systems with touch panel display or PC-based software opens you to a quick launch cycle for a scaled test system.  Our focus is to eliminate the process necessary to configure your data acquisition and get the data to you as quickly as possible so that you can focus on your analysis and solving the important matters involving your applications first.


Experience the Power of Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Platform


Key Features

  • Analog Low Pass Filter (Anti-Aliasing) for noise cancellation.
  • Versatile input modules for various signal levels.
  • Standalone system with capability to enhance future test signal requirement.
  • Enhanced memory capability for extended recording on four different memory medium.
  • Compatible software usages with our other portable GL Datalogger instruments.
  • Software package included with the purchase of the platform.

Applicable Markets

  • Aerospace and Automotive Components Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and R&D
  • Construction & Building Maintenance
  • Machinery and industrial Process Measurement
  • Electrical equipment industry
  • Transportation equipment industry (Rails)
  • Energy (Electricity, Gas) and Utility Businesses
  • High Precision/Semiconductor Equipment Development
  • Academic and Research Communities


Model number GL7000
Number of module Attached to up to 10 modules (*1)
Number of input channels Max. 112 channels in 1 of GL7000
External Input/Output signals (*2) Input  Start/Stop, External trigger, External sampling, Auto balance (*3)
Signal type: Contact (relay), Open collector, Voltage
Output Trigger, Busy (*3), Alarm (10 channels) (*4)
Signal type: Open collector (pulled-up by resistor 10 kΩ)
Trigger, Alarm function Trigger action Start or stop capturing data by the trigger
Trigger repeat Enabled (ON): Automatically re-armed for the next data capture function
Disabled (OFF): Data capture is completed in a single trigger
Trigger source Start: Off, Measured signal, Alarm, External signal, Clock, Week or Time
Stop: Off, Measured signal, Alarm, External signal, Clock, Week or Time
Trigger determination conditions for measured signal Combination: OR or AND condition at the level of signal or edge of signal
Analog: Higher/Rising, Lower/Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Logic (*5): Higher/Rising, Lower/Falling
Pulse (*5): Higher/Rising, Lower/Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Alarm determination condition (*6) Combination: OR or AND condition at the level of signal or edge of signal
Analog: Higher/Rising, Lower/Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Logic (*5): Higher/Rising, Lower/Falling
Pulse (*5): Higher/Rising, Lower/Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Alarm output 10 channels
Pre-trigger (*7) Number of data before trigger: Up to specified number of captured data
Calculation function Between channels Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division for two analog inputs (Sampling speed is limited up to 10 Samples/s (100 ms interval). Available arithmetic element and the output destination is the analog input channel 1 to 100.)
Statistical Select two calculations from Average, Peak, Max., Min. in real time and replay (*8)
Move function of the display range Beginning, center or end of the data, Trigger point, Specific time (absolute, relative), Call cursor
Search function Search for analog signal levels, logic signal pattern, pulse signal levels or alarm point in captured data
Annotation function Comment can be set in each channel (up to 31 alphanumeric characters)
Message / Marker Functions Message: The registered messages or entered message is able to be recorded for any timing. Up to 8 messages can be pre-registered.
Marker: Marker is able to record for occurring alarm or power failure.
Resume Resume automatically in the same condition after power is recovered as when the power failure occurred during data capture (*9)
FFT analysis function
(Firmware ver. 1.20 or later)
Analyzing frequency range 0.08, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 2, 3.2, 4, 8, 20, 40, 80, 200, 400, 800 Hz, 2, 4, 8, 20, 40, 80, 200, 400 kHz
Number of points 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 10000
Window function Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Flat-top, Exponential
Averaging Summation average, Exponential average, Peak hold
Channels 4 channels
Functions Y-T, Linear, Power, PSD, Cross, Transfer function, Coherence, COP
Display mode Single display, Dual display, Nyquist
Interface to PC Ethernet (10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX), USB 2.0 (High speed)
Network function WEB server, FTP server, FTP client, NTP client, DHCP client
USB drive mode Emulate the USB memory device (*10)
Storage device Built-in RAM (2 million samples, built-in amplifier module),
Flash memory (2 GB, built-in the main module)
External (*11) SD card (Support SDHC, up to 32GB) slot, SSD (Approx. 128GB)
The file for capturing data is limited up to 2GB.
Data saving function Captured data (*11) Built-in RAM, Built-in Flash, SD memory card, SSD (Data is saved directly to it.)
Data in built-in RAM Specified number of data up 2 million samples in increments of 1
Auto save (*11) Available for the built-in RAM
Enabled (ON): Data in the RAM is saved automatically to the built-in Flash, SD memory card, SSD
Disabled (OFF): Data in the RAM is not maintained after power is turned off
Capturing mode (*11) Mode: Off, Normal, Ring, Relay
Ring (*12): Saved most recent data (Number of capturing data: 1000 to 2000000 points, Destination of data: Built-in RAM, Built-in Flash, SD memory card, SSD)
Relay (*13): Saved data to multiple file without losing data until capturing data is stopped (Destination of data: Built-in Flash, SD memory card, SSD)
During data capture (*15) Displaying information in two windows, Hot-swapping the SD memory card, Saving data in between cursors.
Backup (*11) Backup interval: Off, 1, 2, 6, 12, 24 hrs.
Data destination: SD memory card, SSD, FTP server
Data destination for backup cannot be specified to the same storage for destination of capturing data.
Engineering Scale function Measured value can be converted to the engineering unit
Analog voltage: Converts by four reference points (gain, offset)
Temperature: Converts by two reference points (offset)
Pulse count: Converts by two reference points (gain)
Synchronization between units Start and Trigger (*14)
Accuracy of clock (at 23°C) ±0.002% (Monthly deviation approx. 50 sec.)
Operating environment 0 to 45°C, 5 to 85% RH (non condensed)
Power source 100 to 240 V AC, 50 to 60Hz
Power consumption 140VA
Standard accessories Quick guide, CD-ROM, AC power cable
External dimensions (W x D x H) Main module: Approx. 193 x 141 x 160 mm (Excluding Projection),
Alarm output terminal: Approx. 30 x 136 x 145 mm (Excluding projection)
Weight Main module: Approx. 2.2 kg, Alarm output terminal: Approx. 350 g
Warranty 3-Yr Standard Warranty

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