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  •  GL7-L/P, logic/pulse module (GL7000 main unit and other modules excluded)
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GL7-L/P, logic/pulse module


Product Description


buynow.png  RIC-10 Logic/Pulse Cables


16-ch logic/pulse amp, logic mode: 1M samples/s, pulse mode: 10k samples/s

Logic/pulse module inputs digital clock signals from relays or tachometers and flow meters with pulse outputs.  You can measure the timing of the control relay signals or flow rates from pulse output sensors. 

In Logic mode:  maximum sampling speed is 1MS/s (1µs) to 1S/hr. (1hr).

By monitoring both the relay control of the analog inputs from control signals and the voltage inputs from sensors monitoring physical measurements, you can find the relationship between the control relay switches and how they affect the measurement or processes in the manufacturing or process lines. 

In pulse mode: maximum sampling speed is 10kS/s (100µs) to 1S/hr (1hr).  You are able to count the number of pulses for measuring signals from encoder outputs, rotation speed using hall effects sensors or tachometers, and flow rates.  By combining the modules together with other sets of modules, you are able to monitor the number of pulses along with the analog waveform used by other modules.

Type of module Logic or Pulse measurement module
Model number GL7-L/P
Number of input channels 16 channels
Input method All channels common ground, Simultaneous sampling,
Circular connector (4ch/connector) (*1)
Sampling speed (interval) Logic mode 1 M Samples/s to 1 Sample/h (1 μs to 1 hr.)
Pulse mode 10 k Samples/s to 1 Sample/h (100 μs to 1 hr.)
Built-in RAM 2 million samples for each channels
Measurement mode Logic input mode or Pulse input mode (*2)
Pulse input mode Rotation count (RPM), Accumulating count, Instant count
Rotation count (RPM) Function Counting the number of pulses per sampling interval and then it is converted to RPM
Span 50, 500, 5000, 50 k, 500 k, 5 M, 50 M, 500 M rpm Full Scale
Accumulating count Function Accumulating the number of pulses from the start of measurement
Span 50, 500, 5000, 50 k, 500 k, 5 M, 50 M, 500 M counts Full Scale
Instant count Function Counting the number of pulses per sampling interval (count is reset at each sampling)
Span 50, 500, 5000, 50 k, 500 k, 5 M, 50 M, 500 M counts Full Scale
Maximum input frequency 1 MHz
Maximum number of count 15 M counts (24 bits counter is used)
Input signal Voltage range 0 to 24 V (common ground)
Signal type Contact (Relay), Open collector, Voltage
Threshold Approx. 2.5 V
Hysteresis Approx. 0.5 V (2.5 V to 3 V)
Filter Off or On (-3 dB at 50 Hz)
External dimensions (W×D×H) Approx. 49 x 136 x 160 mm (Excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 700 g

*1 Input prove (RIC-10) is required to connect signals.

*2 The measuring mode is set in each module (16 channels). In Logic mode, up to 7 modules (Up to 112ch.) can be attached to one main module. In Pulse mode, up to 2 modules (Up to 32ch.) can be attached to one main modules. The maximum number of module and channels are limited to up to 10 units with a mixed condition and 112 channels.

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