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Terms & Shipping

Note: If credit card billing address and shipping address do not match, please call us at 949-294-0257 

Standard (weekday/non-holiday) Processing Time: Please allow 24 to 48 hours for customer service to process your order. If your ship-to address does not match your bill-to, or is not on file with your credit card company, your order will not proceed to the next step. If your order does not proceed to the next step, we will notify you via your order status and by email with instructions on how to proceed. If no action is taken your order will be cancelled.

We do not process orders on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

Urgent Delivery - NOTE: If you make a purchase and select next day delivery, your order might not arrive the next day. Processing time can take 1-2 business days and warehouse time can take 1-2 business days and after that next day delivery can take 1 day. Make sure your bill to and ship to addresses are on file with your credit card company. And then monitor your email and your order status closely in case we notify you of a problem processing your order.
Shipper Account - NOTE: Please call in your order if you are planning to use your personal, company shipper account. Graphtec America online store will NOT accept your shipper account.

We DO NOT process or ship outside of the U.S. or Canada.
International orders will be cancelled and no charge will be made.

Goods entering Canada through mail may be subject to duties and taxes. Graphtec America is not responsible for any duties and taxes you may be subject to.


Credit Card Merchant Services
Credit Card Merchant Services